NAME: Ian Yote


AGE: 21 years old

FAVE FOOD: Cheeseburger Pie

FAVE MOVIE: Metropolis

FAVE SONG: “Love to Hate you” by Errasure

PASTIME: Parties, Friends, Girls, internet

SLEEPS: face down, and when she does, she doesn’t wake up

FAVE QUOTE: “Punk Ass!”

The beast way to descrive Ian, is as a gay-straight boy. Husky hit on her the first time he met her, and was crushed to find out that such a handsome boy was really a girl. Ian has a compulsive need to drive, and suffers from as much ADD as Husky does. Although she comes on a bit strong at times, she is as soft as a poodle after being tossed in a drier. As far as Relationships go Ian has had her ups and downs, but continues to search for that special girl. A die hard fan of the 80’s she sometimes sports a mohawk, and is constantly seen rocking out to the tunes of Errasure. And she believes she is Andy Bell’s long lost love-child.