Fan Art

Fan Art

Send us your drawings of the Fur-piled bunch, and we’ll post them up here!

Jeffrey “Blissian” Carrion: Husky and Saetto

Coffee Wolf: Husky and Saetto

Slicewolf: Husky

Slicewolf: Husky in color

Slicewolf: Saetto in a speedo

Cecil: Andy and Michael

Samir Phoenix: Saetto, Husky and Andy

Lightning: Andy

Mitsh: Andy

Sceriff: Saetto

Le Kitsune: Andy

Tyler Cougar: Fur-Piled: Love Re-Ignited

Tyler Cougar: Fur-Piled: Another Night Out

Jayden Hakrodan: The Dog

Nasuradin: Husky

Rin: Husky

Aaron: Husky

Rin: Next in turn step to the light

Atreyu: Saetto (3)

Moonbym for Dasher Whitetail: Chris and Dasher Whitetail (Protect Me)

Sleepy Dog: Husky and Saetto

Hufnaar Atnaaf: Andy

Gagi:Andy & Michael (Let me show you something…)

Kunikulus: Andy – A tribute to Leo Magna/Arthur Husky

Gagi: Husky and Saetto

Chad: Husky

LionDog Commission for SnowWolf21: LDW Forum

Request for Tannos by Creeo: Saetto

Wolf95: Chris

Leogenji: Chris

Andy_L: Andy

Daren Cheng: Andy