Fur-Piled 01

The name is husky, this is my town not much to say about it besides the fact that its a really quiet town. Nice and calm, nothing really happens here. Well its not to say its dull; we are right besides the city of Lost Angeles, so there is some excitement here, and the clubs are the best part! Dancing and Dancing some More!!



NAME: Andy Mark


AGE: 21 years old

FAVE FOOD: Louie Salad

FAVE MOVIE: The Bird Cage

FAVE SONG: “Hey Mama” By Black eyed peas

PASTIME: Clubs, Boys and toys

SLEEPS: Naked most of the time

FAVE QUOTE: “Virgin? Me? Hah!”

At some point in his life he was a normal kid that one would have expected to become a lawyer, smart and quick-witted. He then later decided that he really didn’t like the suits and would rather wear Capris. He now studies to become a writter, and doesn’t realize that he should be writting about his life; given that it is one big soap-opera. Well known in the streets of WeHo, and in the bedroom of many-a furs. No mistake though, he wishes for someone special; his prince charming but doesn’t bother to waste his time waiting for him, he’s gonna have fun.…