NAME: Ian Yote


AGE: 21 years old

FAVE FOOD: Cheeseburger Pie

FAVE MOVIE: Metropolis

FAVE SONG: “Love to Hate you” by Errasure

PASTIME: Parties, Friends, Girls, internet

SLEEPS: face down, and when she does, she doesn’t wake up

FAVE QUOTE: “Punk Ass!”

The beast way to descrive Ian, is as a gay-straight boy. Husky hit on her the first time he met her, and was crushed to find out that such a handsome boy was really a girl. Ian has a compulsive need to drive, and suffers from as much ADD as Husky does. Although she comes on a bit strong at times, she is as soft as a poodle after being tossed in a drier. As far as Relationships go Ian has had her ups and downs, but continues to search for that special girl. A die hard fan of the 80’s she sometimes sports a mohawk, and is constantly seen rocking out to the tunes of Errasure. And she believes she is Andy Bell’s long lost love-child.…



NAME: Husky

SPECIES: Husky Dog

AGE: 19 years old

FAVE FOOD: sushi!

FAVE MOVIE: Oh there are plenty, currently; Party Monster

FAVE SONG: “Groove is in the heart” by Dee-lite

PASTIME: Clubs, collecting stuff, obsessing over guys…

SLEEPS: To the side, and moves a lot during the night

FAVE QUOTE: “The greatest thing you’ll ever know is to love, and be loved in return”

Well, a bit about Husky. He’s a silly dog who came out in his first year of college, and just happened to stumble upon the crazy likes of Ian and Andy. It is because of them that he has gotten the chance to explore what it’s like to be gay, meeting new people on dating apps, and fabulous in the city of Los Angeles. Having ADD and an odd sence of entertainment he usually looses interests in relationships quickly. His record for the longest relationship is eight months (and it ended abruptly due to odd and peculiar reasons), and for the shortest; the record is one hour. Why? because she decided that after one hour of being a couple, she had the right to sit him down and tell him her life’s story… ADD kicked in and Husky never talked to her again.

A sweetheart according to his friends, Husky deeply believes in Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love. And still searches for his better half.…

Fan Art

Fan Art

Send us your drawings of the Fur-piled bunch, and we’ll post them up here!

Jeffrey “Blissian” Carrion: Husky and Saetto

Coffee Wolf: Husky and Saetto

Slicewolf: Husky

Slicewolf: Husky in color

Slicewolf: Saetto in a speedo

Cecil: Andy and Michael

Samir Phoenix: Saetto, Husky and Andy

Lightning: Andy

Mitsh: Andy

Sceriff: Saetto

Le Kitsune: Andy

Tyler Cougar: Fur-Piled: Love Re-Ignited

Tyler Cougar: Fur-Piled: Another Night Out

Jayden Hakrodan: The Dog

Nasuradin: Husky

Rin: Husky

Aaron: Husky

Rin: Next in turn step to the light

Atreyu: Saetto (3)

Moonbym for Dasher Whitetail: Chris and Dasher Whitetail (Protect Me)

Sleepy Dog: Husky and Saetto

Hufnaar Atnaaf: Andy

Gagi:Andy & Michael (Let me show you something…)

Kunikulus: Andy – A tribute to Leo Magna/Arthur Husky

Gagi: Husky and Saetto

Chad: Husky

LionDog Commission for SnowWolf21: LDW Forum

Request for Tannos by Creeo: Saetto

Wolf95: Chris

Leogenji: Chris

Andy_L: Andy

Daren Cheng: Andy…



NAME: Andy Mark


AGE: 21 years old

FAVE FOOD: Louie Salad

FAVE MOVIE: The Bird Cage

FAVE SONG: “Hey Mama” By Black eyed peas

PASTIME: Clubs, Boys and toys

SLEEPS: Naked most of the time

FAVE QUOTE: “Virgin? Me? Hah!”

At some point in his life he was a normal kid that one would have expected to become a lawyer, smart and quick-witted. He then later decided that he really didn’t like the suits and would rather wear Capris. He now studies to become a writter, and doesn’t realize that he should be writting about his life; given that it is one big soap-opera. Well known in the streets of WeHo, and in the bedroom of many-a furs. No mistake though, he wishes for someone special; his prince charming but doesn’t bother to waste his time waiting for him, he’s gonna have fun.…