"Marf!" Said the Husky

(06/03/04)Marf; so apparently there was a request for me to put my RL picture online. I said that if there was enough interest i would post it, and since apparently there is, well i have a RL pic of the Dog for you. The Dog

Well there is not a lot to say about me. I live in the sunny state of California, in the Quiet (and not so quiet) city of Santa Monica. Currently a college student and that is what steals my time from my drawing desk.
Started drawing some time ago, and finally decided to put something up there for myself (this web-page being that something). I've been a fur since 2001? 2002? don't remember.
Ermm... well nothing else comes to mind, but i'll post up anything else that comes to mind.
If any other questions come up, i'll answer them

Oh yeah! feel free to e-mail me at: >leomagna@liondogworks.com

-The Dog